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Thank you so much for visiting my website. Primarily I work in watercolour but not necessarily in a conventional way. In fact, when it comes to my work, I'd say I wear two very different hats!


I am passionate about drawing quirky animals, capturing their personalities and bringing them to life but I also like to break free and go crazy with vivid colour on my larger-scale floral and abstract canvases. I believe you shouldn't be pigeonholed into one style; I go with my mood and just love painting. 

Nature is an awesome mixer of beautiful colours and precision detail, so why look anywhere else for inspiration? I love the effects you can achieve using watercolour paints and I never tire of flooding the colours and letting the paint do the work! I love creating loose textural backgrounds, fine detail and lots and lots of layering.

About me:

I have been a creative designer, painter and illustrator for over twenty years and live in the UK with my husband and two children. After graduating from Winchester School of Art, I worked as a freelance textile designer and then went on to design for several leading magazines. Following a career break to bring up my children, I have returned to my first love of drawing and painting and I adore what I do!! 

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